Who is Professional Indemnity Insurance for?

Professional indemnity insurance normally covers clients’ compensation cost for any damage or loss incurred as a result of negligent advice or services offered by an individual or business.

Who needs it?

Professionals who offer services or products to their clients do so with good intentions. However, there can be times when an employee may make a mistake or a client became dissatisfied.

Any company or self-employed person who provides advice, skills or knowledge as part of their professional endeavours is expected to carry professional indemnity insurance. The professional bodies or regulators of some professions require them to have professional indemnity insurance.

There are different needs for different businesses. A consumer products’ manufacturer will require a different type of protection compared to a construction company. These policies may be tailor made to cover a business’ particular needs.

At Indemnity insure, we offer the following professional insurance services:


This covers for claims of civil liability which arise from your private legal practice work. Most of the claims that are usually brought against solicitors normally concern professional negligence.


This indemnity is designed to ensure that you have peace of mind and are covered for the work you are doing.  Despite your best efforts, mistakes do happen, especially, when under pressure to meet crucial deadlines. A simple miscalculation or typing error could evolve into something very costly especially if it has legal ramifications for the clients involved.  The accountant indemnity insurance covers book keepers, payroll professionals and tax consultants against defending a court battle or a negligence case.


As a designer or architect, your duty of care extends to the client, contractor, future purchases of that building and any person injured as a result of an alleged design deficiency. This indemnity is designed to protect designers and architects against all claims.

Chartered surveyors

Claims submitted by financial institutions for the over-valuation of properties are one of the suits covered by the chartered surveyor professional indemnity cover

Financial advisers

Financial advisers are required to take out professional indemnity insurance which protects firms if claims are brought against them by a client. The indemnity limit that one purchases covers any damages to be paid or awards that are made against someone as well as the legal cost of defence.

Healthcare professionals

One may confidently protect your medical business as well as yourself from claims of patient injury and misconduct by taking industrial specific insurance guarding against such risks.

Other businesses that can benefit from professional indemnity insurance as a protection against claims are:


•Advertising agencies

•Public relation agencies

•Design agencies

What is covered?

This sort of insurance, usually, protects one against loss and damages claims made by third parties or clients due to the alleged impact of negligent services or advice provided.  Compensation claims may be instituted even though the advice or services were offered for free.

Conditions of your cover

The cover for professional indemnity is provided for all claims providing your policy is in an active state.  Should the policy lapse due to any reason, claims submitted after the expiry of the policy, will not be accepted.